share happiness and sadness with us.什么意思 she was still hold the pieces in her mind 谁能翻译一下这个句子啊 Healthy eating habits and running help to build me up.help是始于动词,在它之后的第一个动词应该是原Healthy eating habits and running help to build me up.help是始于动词,在它之后的第一个动词应该是原型,为什么在 Every weekend teaches()(we) English .We his friends. 英语翻译译成英语哦.“亲爱的,你知道吗,在我心里一直有句话想对你说:我喜欢你!我知道我们彼此之间不是很了解,但这是我心里最真实的想法.我不知道这种爱可以持续多久,但至少现在是这 My grandfather likes strawberries very much对划线部分提问 strawberries 为划线部分. I want to relive myself.美国口语 谁帮我写一篇how to behave well的作文啊不用太长,80—100字即可,内容包括礼貌待人,热心助人守校规校纪,按时到校不说脏话遵守交通规则不乱扔垃圾 歌词第一句是do it, do it again,every weekend I like.是欧美女声,节奏感很强的音乐 翻译:we fuck to go on togher strike sb和strike at sb是一个意思吗? What's the sweater used for?怎么回答 谁有jungle p歌词? long hair的比较级 Tom decides () {study }hard at math next year用study正确形式填空 Kim和Pie是什么意思 I want to beyond myself是什么 英语翻译Closing your business negotiationsbring business negotiations to a close requires special skills and techniques.As no two negotiation situations are alike,it is not possible to recommend any one approach.Negotiators must use their own jud 写出long的比较级和最高级 The students are learn English now.哪里错了? What's the price of the car?的同义句是什么?明天急得要交请尽快告诉 i want to kill myself 在一个家庭中,父亲是多指患者(由常染色体上显性基因A控制), 母亲的表现型正常,他们婚后却生了一个手 求剑桥BEC高级真题集第二辑听力. I believe you are you will not go,you leave me when you have not. They have many computer games 用Fiank代替they改写句子 初三英语问题: -What will the land be used for? -___________________A. To plant young trees.B. Young trees will be planted.C. They will plant young treesD. Planting young trees.求详解 基因组 基因 染色体 DNA请详细解释这4样东西.不好意思,再补充一个——DNA分子 谁有剑桥BEC真题集第四辑(中级)的听力材料~qq邮箱634917633 student play basketball even in the school At four months oid she weighed adout ten kilo rams and she started to go ourside her home for thefirst time.怎么翻译重点,讲解造句 The old professor still works hard though he is ___ his sixty his sixties sixties DD. in the sixty 已知多指症是由显性基因A控制的,一对夫妻中有一人的基因组成为A,另一人的基因显示为正常,问他们的孩子患多指症的概率为多少? 谁有剑桥BEC中级真题集第四辑听力原文啊, piay with children 用中文写 yes or no 里面 kim弹得什么琴yes or no 里面kim弹得什么琴 it ( ) a disaster at that time,but later i felt less worriedA.felt like B.seemed like C.felt asD.seemed as 31、某原始封闭部落多指症达36%.已知其方式为单基因常染色体显性遗传.一多指女性与其正常丈夫所生子女为多指的概率是( ).A.86% B.37% C.5/9 D.2/3 how many times did the clock___?A hit B beat C knock D strike新概念2的练习题 要有理由 you'll have to be p_ with a "problem child" 怎么补全单词 Tina(yes or no饰演Kim)生活中是T吗? Is my changed,or you don't care,it is time that has changed you,or changed me, 染色体`DNA``基因``基因组``````晕`了```遗传`这类``我实在分不清```都弄混了```怎么说`偶也是祖国的花朵`请帮`忙偶明确的说明定义和关系`染色体`DNA``基因``基因组谢谢了```:P knock win beat hit这些表示赢的单词有什么区别要具体的用法以及构成的短语 一个英语谜语,My first letter is in Paint and also in Draw.My second letter is in Peace but never in War.My third letter is in Up but not in Down.My forth letter is in Village but not in Town.My fifth letter is in Dress but not in Suit.My whole 《yes or no》里Kim的那把尤克里里是什么型号? By the time he was sixty,he _for the company forthirty years.为什么答案是will have worked 关于My English teacher has ___ 8 year-old daughter.今天我在做英语作业的时候有一道题目我不是很明白My English teacher has ___ 8 year-old B.a C.the D./我选择了B,可是为什么答案是A呢?我觉得8不是eigh 英语语法里,连词=谓语个数-1 There is a strange word.Its first two letters stand for a man.But the first three letters stand for a woman.What is it? I seldom buy things from that shop,____ I have no time to go shopping elsewI seldom buy things from that shop,_____I have no time to go shopping elsewhere.A unless B whenHe seldom watch the programs on that channel,_____there can be some good ones.A “His uncle is in his sixty.这句话正确吗? 英语...什么时候是year old 什么时候是years old 还有..什么时候是comes form,什么时候是:come form?谢.. 英语语法里一句没有连词的话里可不可以同时存在两个非谓语?例如这一句话 Having joined the African Nation Congress,he became the Commander-in-chief of the Spear of the Nation to fight the government.这句话中有没有 A number of students___interested in sports now B was C.are D .were yes or no 中的Kim扮演者还有什么作品 证明DNA是遗传物质,为什么大肠杆菌会裂解为什么大肠杆菌会裂解,跟噬菌体有什么关系 “我们的老师,是一位多么好的老师啊!”换个说法,意思不变 请问下面这道题该怎么答啊?My name is Mary Smith.You can call me ________.A.Mary B.Miss Mary C.Mr Smith D.Smith children意思 Do you have time to go shopping in the s——soon吗? 同中有异 SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT怎么样 blew fight strike hit beat的区别?查了字典,这几个词都有打的意思.blew是殴打,fight是打假.比如说某人被打了,该用那个词呢?请各举例详细说明这几个次的用法区别,提前祝您节日愉快啊! They started to play the piano one or two hours ago.(改为同义句) Messieurs-dames是什么意思? 剑桥商务英语中级试题为何分第2、3、4辑等啊?请问有区别吗 有哪位博学之士晓得下面这句话中的 place their orders是何意吗?In this game,you are working at a diner as a server and you need to help people get to their seats and place their orders. 请解说一下hit beat knock strike 这四个词的区别 The started to play the piano one or two hours ago.改为同义句 a copuple of dames 意思罗马假日中一句"just a couple of Irving's dames",只不过是...的破玩意儿.对吗?更确切的想知道大么-dame-的意思Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. 坦白的说,亲爱的,我一点也不 yes or no 中pie划分界限给 kim,kim跳着进厕所把pie在镜子上写字圈下来时候的背景音乐是什么这个背景音乐出现的次数很多,觉的很好听 一直不知道叫什么 Is there a room available for tonight? - Yes, Sir. May I help you? - ________A. Thank you. B. I'm hoping to book a single room. C. I want to go for a walk. D. No, that's fine. Hope to place further and larger orders with you.能否单独成句? The teacher asks us not to stand up until _____ in the English class.A. told B. being told C. told to D. having told为什么选 C i'm so fucked up.i didn't mean to fuck everything up.but i'm always fucking things up.espacilly u什么意思啊!求达人帮忙!急! I don't get you dames! 什么意思?在引文小说里面看到的,是什么意思呢?但是为什么用dames呢?有什么讲究么? The teacher found him___ and gave him some different homework to do everyday.A.was clever B.was a clever boy C.a clever boy D.clever boy请问B 为什么不对? 单选help(1998,上海,29)A ___ will be offered to information leading to the arrest of the bank robber.A.priceB.findC.rewardD.profit(2002,上海,35)There's a feeling in me ___ we'll never know what a UFO is--not ever.A.thatB.whichC.of whichD.what Catalogues will have voice commands to place orders.中文是什么意思? 写出下列单词的比较级:long buy thin tall cheap small soft loud写出下列单词的反义词:bigger angry cheaper big taller I wanna fuck this life,not being fucked!这句话的汉语意思是什么? 谁知 泰国电影 yes or no 的Kim 是男还是女 要有证据 官方的演员 的真实性别 女的话 ,唉 就萌不起来 语句的连贯得体,单选,help!1.贵州黄果树瀑布从九十米高的山颠跌落下来,水声如豹,_________.A.把它称为"天下第一瀑"的是明代地理学家徐霞客.B.被明代地理学家徐霞客称为"天下第一瀑".C.明代地 英语作文Schools in the future,用will,多加一些so,because等连词,要说明学校的变化和你为什么想让它变成这样,不少于60词,在线等(・ω・)🙏🙏 long的比较级是? Thingmather ,stand back I am going to fuck her 啥意思 bec高级真题详解,人邮版的. will you still love me the same as before if i was a fatty 求一首摇滚歌名 刚开始大喊LET’S GO这是一首摇滚 是在魔兽视频上看的 这是地址:大哥门听听告诉我是谁的?和歌名 long比较级 they didn't go to school much,i thought they were coolmuch 可以这样用吗 The painful happiness什么意思?The painful happiness什么意思? i want to beat u flat to flat.是不是一个病句? 找个 摇滚歌曲,其中有唱到"let's go go go "找个 摇滚歌曲,其中有唱到"let's go go go go go 是男声 听起来特带劲,现在忘记名字了.希望大家协助下!下面的两个都不是的,记得中间是 go go gog gogogogogogogo 问:long的比较级是什么? Many animals were ____ (杀死) years ago because they were thought to be dangerous.说明原因喔,还要整句翻译- - 求好心路人给我人邮版BEC中级真题第三辑的答案详解 He said all that remained was to agree to a time and venue...从句瓜分 英语翻译急 英语翻译So much to say,but where do I startWould you listen if I spoke from the heartIt’s simple things that keep us apartYou know it doesn’t have to be this waybryanCan’t you hear it in my voice,ooh babyGotta listen when I say合唱Don’t 求下面两句话翻译,不要机翻,谢谢That said, he says he does not get hung up onthe technology. “The real pleasure for me is designing the systems that supportthe business,” he says.His tech specialists and architects are the firm's Linu